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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Can someone evaluate my doll?

A:   Yes! We have a certified appraiser who can appraise your doll. We have to see dolls in-person to perform a legal appraisal. We can advise if a doll needs an appraisal. A fee is charged for all appraisals. 

Q:   What is your return policy?


A:  We do not accept returns. We assure that you get exactly what you need so that returns are not necessary. Thank you for your understanding! We want to ensure that all customers get fresh merchandise.

Q:   Can I sell my dolls without bringing them into your store?

A:   We are not able to provide those services without examining your dolls in person. To provide accurate values, please make an appointment to meet with our appraiser.

Q:   Can you search for an item I want to purchase?

A:   If you are looking for an item we do not have in stock, we will search for it for you! Please fill out the "Want List" on the "Contact Us" page, and we will notify you the moment we find it!

Tip:   To keep up with the latest news on our merchandise, follow us on Facebook to see our latest updates!

Q:   How long is the doll hospital wait time?

A:   Listen carefully to the information we give you when we admit your doll to the hospital. Rush services come with an additional charge.

Q:   Can I call to chat about my admitted doll?

A:   No, please do not call. This interrupts our hospital workers, which causes delays for repair services. Your doll is in good hands, and we will contact you the moment your doll is ready to be picked up!

Q:  Do you have sales, specials, and events?

A:   Yes, we do! Sign up for our email list, and we will contact you for all specials.

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