We know how children love their favorite dolls and toys, so consequently things do happen! From constant love and play heads fall off, legs become disengaged, and even these beloved toys become victims of the favorite pet. Don’t worry we know how important this is so we offer immediate care for these treasured friends! Bring in your doll or toy and the doctors will work to get these home as soon as possible. We can repair and sanitize most items and have them back in the arms of that special owner within 24 to 48 hours!

18 inch American Girl® & Similar Dolls

We know how girls love their American Girl® dolls so these dolls need attention often! Thank goodness this is our doll doctor’s specialty! Bring your doll in to hospital admitting and we can have her back as soon as possible. No delay in the mail and also save those postage and handling fees! Turn around is usually 24-48 hours! Old dolls from other siblings can be brought back to life and be made as good as new! Besides being sentimental cost is always less than a new doll! With normal play your doll requires maintenance. Your doll can be cleaned, tightened, and hair cleaned and styled! Don’t forget those unexpected accidents like a tug of war or unwanted make-up! We can advise what to do when dolly emergencies arise!

► Hair Wash & Style
► Arms & Legs Mounted
► Head Mounted
► Fabric Body Cleaned
► Fabric Body Mended
► Arms, Legs Cleaned
► Head, Body Cleaned
► Ear Piercing
► No INK or MARKER Removal

Current Play Dolls

We can repair current and modern dolls. This is usually quite easy and a common repair. We can replace limbs, or clean that favorite toy that has been tucked away for years or has daily play! Bring your item and a doctor will consult with you the easiest plan to get your doll back to health! Cleaning is always advised for the safety and well being of the child. Many germs and soil of all kinds can remain in a doll from storage and daily play. We always encourage getting these toys sanitized while they are at the hospital! Especially recycled dolls from flea markets or other sales! Be sure they are sanitized so germs are not transmitted!

► Security Dolls
► Play Dolls
► Security Toys & Animals
► Security Blankets
► Childhood Dolls
► Sentimental Childhood Toys
► Auction Market Finds
► Flea-Market Finds

Stuffed Animals

The doctors at The Doll Cradle know how all ages loved stuffed animals! From the infamous TY beanies to the vintage poodles we got as children plush has been a favorite! We strive to clean and restore damaged toys to perpetuate all the memories we have of Christmas and Easters Past! We can recall the year Santa brought that big panda bear that is now flat and brown! What about the white teddy that your husband bought years ago?? All these and more can be restored and ready for the new grandchild or to display on your bed! Whether it be poor storage, water, or fire damage these special items can be repaired for future generations!

► Snoopy
► Smurfs
► Raggedy Ann
► Build-a-Bear
► Rabbits | Cats | Dogs
► Pillows
► Childhood Baby Blankets
► Cloth Dolls
► Cabbage Patch Dolls

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Mrs. Roberston

" Thank you for the appraisal of my doll and your expertise. I have sent many people to your store and I thank all of you for your help."

Mrs. Roberston

" I want to thank you for making my bride doll beautiful and for the ideas of making a memory/treasure out of her. I have started the process and I promised pictures. My mom wrote on the back of pictures of me sitting next to my bride doll. And I got her for Christmas 1959. I was 5 years old. Now I have pictures of my son and his bride and me on our wedding day. I put my cake top and bouquet in the box with her. I need a bigger box! I am having fun with the memories walking down memory lane. Thank you! "

Linda E. – Wichita, KS

" Dear Connie and The Doll Cradle, I wanted to express my thanks for the wonderful job you did repairing the broken legs on my doll. My mother and i took a class together to make this doll which she loved so much. My dad gave me the doll when my mom passed away and a few months later it was broken by our small grandson. Thank you so much for restoring it-just like new!  With a grateful heart! "

Linda E. – Wichita, KS
Pam & Larry Pike

" The Doll Cradle- I can't express my appreciation enough for the kindness you showed during this very difficult time. THANK YOU! You went above and beyond every level of customer service. Your work was excellent, your promptness to accommodate me, your generosity in billing for your service, etc...ect... Your integrity shows throughout my experience with you.  The family of Jason Pike "

Pam & Larry Pike

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