The Doll Cradle is the oldest doll hospital in the Midwest. We do repair from all over the United States. All repairs are done on the premises by trained doctors and artisans! The Doll Cradle is owned and operated by original family members since 1970. Don’t be confused by inexperienced home doll repair—always trust your family heirlooms to 45 years of experience!

The doll doctors repair broken bisque, cracked composition, rebuild broken fingers, and replace missing parts. The doctors can repair sleep eyes, clean and restyle rooted hair and wigs, and restring all types of dolls. All dolls can go home with cleaned vintage clothes or authentic replacements appropriate for the doll!

The process is quite easy. Bring your doll or toy to the hospital for a free estimate. The doctors will discuss with you what you need and want done. A contract is signed and a deposit is required to insure your doll. We will then call as soon as your item is ready! If you are not in the local Kansas City area call or email and we will tell you how to pack and send your item!

The Doll Cradle family have repaired thousands of antique dolls and favorite toys for over four decades and always know to you they are PRICELESS!

Antique Bisque

The doll cradle  takes pride In their expert bisque repair. We can repair a shattered head or just a hairline crack. All porcelain dolls, from a priceless Jumeau to a favorite doll of Mother’s is treated with utmost care! All sizes and styles can be repaired  where it is difficult to detect the damage. All repair is hand painted by our experienced artisans from the original family using over four decades of knowledge. So if you have dropped your doll or the movers had a mishap we are the answer to your problem!

► Jumeau
► Simon & Halbig
► Leather Bodies
► All Types
► Bye-Lo Baby
► China Heads
► Kewpies
► All Styles
► Florodora
► French Fashion
► All Bisque
► All Sizes


We love to repair favorite composition play dolls from your childhood. From many years of repairing dolls we know how important these keepsakes are! So no matter if they were stored in the barn, basement, or attic we can make them look beautiful again! We carefully remove all the chipping and peeling and expertly paint them to look like they did originally! Customers are always delighted to have their friends home again after their extended stay at the hospital!

► Shirley Temple
► Sweetie Pie
► Horsman
► Baby Dolls
► Patsy Family
► Buddy Lee
► Effanbee
► Ethnic
► Kewpie
► Sonya Henie
► Alexander
► 100's More

Vintage Plastic

Childhood dolls are an important part of our service so we daily clean and restore lots of items from circa 1950’s! Many favorite toys get put away and forgotten or worn out from hard play. So we love to make these keepsakes look fresh ready to be passed to children and grandchildren! We all remember the fun we had giving our tiny tears a bottle of water and giving Toni her home perm!! These dolls are very collectible now and are all due for maintenance! Let us get your happy memories ready for future generations to enjoy!

► Chatty Cathy
► Barbie
► Storybook Dolls
► Betsy McCall
► Tiny Tears
► Toni
► Ginny
► Doll Clothes
► Terry Lee
► Saucy Walker
► Madame Alexander
► 100's More

Vintage Bears and Toys

After working with toys over 45 years we love the challenge each day of seeing what new toy will come through the door! Teddy bears are the most common visitor but many other toys appear such as buggies, doll beds, and even doll houses! Many teddy bears come in ragged and loved to pieces and we strive to maintain the most originality as possible! Our certified appraiser also works to maintain the value of each toy. Many of the antique bears still bring thousands of dollars on the market so we work to protect the integrity of the toys! This is why it is so important to use a knowledgeable and experienced doll hospital rather than a home repair person! No item is too big or too small! We can restore your miniature or a 3 story dollhouse! Bring your toys to us your restoration experts!

► Teddy Bears
► Christmas Items
► Doll Buggies
► Kechina/Indian
► Tin Toys/Trucks
►Santa's/Tree Tops
► Doll Cloths/Quilts
► Hummels
► Figurines
► Doll Beds
► Doll Houses
► Wooden Toys

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Mrs. Roberston

" Thank you for the appraisal of my doll and your expertise. I have sent many people to your store and I thank all of you for your help."

Mrs. Roberston

" I want to thank you for making my bride doll beautiful and for the ideas of making a memory/treasure out of her. I have started the process and I promised pictures. My mom wrote on the back of pictures of me sitting next to my bride doll. And I got her for Christmas 1959. I was 5 years old. Now I have pictures of my son and his bride and me on our wedding day. I put my cake top and bouquet in the box with her. I need a bigger box! I am having fun with the memories walking down memory lane. Thank you! "

Linda E. – Wichita, KS

" Dear Connie and The Doll Cradle, I wanted to express my thanks for the wonderful job you did repairing the broken legs on my doll. My mother and i took a class together to make this doll which she loved so much. My dad gave me the doll when my mom passed away and a few months later it was broken by our small grandson. Thank you so much for restoring it-just like new!  With a grateful heart! "

Linda E. – Wichita, KS
Pam & Larry Pike

" The Doll Cradle- I can't express my appreciation enough for the kindness you showed during this very difficult time. THANK YOU! You went above and beyond every level of customer service. Your work was excellent, your promptness to accommodate me, your generosity in billing for your service, etc...ect... Your integrity shows throughout my experience with you.  The family of Jason Pike "

Pam & Larry Pike

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