Who We Are...

The Doll Cradle is a family owned and operated business for 45 years. We opened with the passion to repair dolls and inform the public of their family keepsakes. We restore valuable heirlooms but always stop to do emergency surgery for a child’s favorite toy. We buy and sell not only vintage dolls but all major brands of play dolls and of course the accessories needed. The doll Cradle is the oldest doll hospital in the mid west and continues due to true integrity and experience in business.

The owner, Connie Harrell, is a certified appraiser and works actively in her community and doll organizations to supply all facets of expertise in the doll world. Plan to visit and experience an extraordinary doll store.

Why Us

  • Experience- 45 years repairing and selling dolls
  • Knowledge- 3 generations doll experience
  • Credibility – Repairing family keepsakes and selling collections of heirloom dolls
  • Family owned – Personal service from caring family members

Our Mission

  • The Doll Cradle has strived to serve our customer with personal service and inform them about the value and history of family dolls.
  • We also give emergency care to the special needs of our customers with security toy repair.
  • We strive to maintain the highest standard of business practice to achieve our 44 years of longevity.